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Rochester s Radical Gender Roles - 1249 Words

Rochester’s Radical Gender Roles Many poets and authors of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries used their respective mediums to broach what were then considered to be taboo or radical subjects. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word ‘radical’ as â€Å"supporting complete political or social reform. Departing from tradition; new† (Soanes 740). When using this definition, both Aphra Behn’s work, â€Å"The Disappointment† and John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester’s work, â€Å"The Imperfect Enjoyment† are easily interpreted as such. Both poems discuss sexuality and gender in new, sometimes shocking ways. Behn’s poem offers astoundingly liberal views on female sexuality, considering the time period. Despite the radical notions and expletives present, Rochester’s pushes the envelope further by exploring the extremely private issue of impotence and male sexual failure, using highly offensive language. In the year â€Å"The Disappointment† was written, traditional gender roles were still very important to society and generally adhered to. This means that men were expected not only to be ‘manly’, but to maintain a certain air of dignity and composure at all times, especially in front of women. For this reason, Rochester’s blatant disregard for social conventions in his brutally honest depiction of erectile dysfunction is simultaneously revolutionary and scandalous. To portray a male in a less-than-flattering light undermines the stereotypes society tried so hard to uphold and represents aShow MoreRelatedJane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte1714 Words   |  7 Pages Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brà ¶nte voiced the radical opinions of Brà ¶nte on religion, gender, and social class. Jane Eyre, a young orphan who lived with her vituperative aunt and cousins, strayed away from the Victorian ideals of a woman and established a new status for herself. Jane Eyre was originally writte n in 1827 and was heavily influenced by the late gothic literature of the 19th century. Gothic literary aspects such as supernatural occurrences, mysteries and dark secrets, madness and dangerRead MoreWomen s Suffrage By Susan B. Anthony Essay1635 Words   |  7 Pages Woman s Suffrage was the struggle for woman s right to vote and run for office. The mid 19th- Century women in different countries formed organizations to fight for suffrage. The first international woman s rights organization formed the International Council of Women (ICW) in 1888. In 1904, the International Woman Suffrage Alliance (IWSA) was formed by British woman s rights activist Millicent Fawcett, American activist Carrie Chapman Catt, and other leading woman s right activists. SusanRead MoreSusan Byj.b Anthony : The Second Child Of 81926 Words   |  8 Pageseducation at a home school in which was established by her father and she was later enrolled in a female seminary, a Quaker boarding school in Philadelphia. Susan became a teacher however she soon became tired of that and moved with her family to Rochester, New York to help run the family farm and this is where Susan’s lifelong career in reform began. Susan B. Anthony was a significant woman who devoted her life to abolish slavery, implement stricter laws on liquor and fought for a woman’s right toRead MoreCartoons s Influence On Women s Rights Movement1821 Words   |  8 Pageswoman, having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over her. â€Å"; this statement along with the rest of the document impacted women across the nation. The seemingly small convention at Seneca Falls led to another convention in Rochester, NY, eventually holding a convention annually, furt hering the movement worldwide. The ultimate victory for suffragettes, the 19th Amendment, would not come until seventy-two after the first convention at Seneca Falls, giving activists decades ofRead MoreElizabeth Cady Stanton : Women s Rights1922 Words   |  8 Pagesconservative, aristocratic family that enforced great importance in religion and aristocratic values. She was the 8th child of eleven children, however five siblings died during child birth and there son Eleazor died in his early 20’s leaving no male heirs. She dealt with gender issues within her family due to her parents preferring male children over female children, which may have initiated her activist ideas and pushed her for women’s rights. In the early 1830s, Elizabeth attended Troy Female SeminaryRead MoreOpenness in Personality10561 Words   |  43 Pages| last =Malouff | coauthors = Thorsteinsson, Einar B. amp; Schutte, Nicola S.|title =The relationship between the five-factor model of personali ty and symptoms of clinical disorders: a meta-analysis.| journal = Journal of psychopathology and behavioral assessment |year = 2005 | volume= 27| pages = 101 - 114|doi= 10.1007/s10862-005-5384-y |url = }} 6. ^ Gosling, S. (2008). Snoop: What your stuff says about you. New York: Basic Books. Read MoreWomen and Their Role in the Civil War2492 Words   |  10 Pagesevolved as work moved out of the family unit and became closed off, with the man going to work and the woman remaining at home. With this came a new idea of womanhood called the â€Å"cult of domesticity,† which created a new view on a woman’s duty and role while identifying the important virtues of a true woman. Here, the perfect woman contained four essential qualities: piety, purity, submissiveness, and domesticity, where domesticity held the highest place. â€Å"Women were expected to uphold the valuesRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pagesand permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrieval system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. To obtain permissi on(s) to use material from this work, please submit a written request to Pearson Education, Inc., Permissions Department, One Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458, or you may fax your request to 201-236-3290. Many of the designations by manufacturersRead MoreRastafarian79520 Words   |  319 Pageslife of the author. For this reason, I wish to express my appreciation and gratitude to all who have contributed to my intellectual growth and the undertaking of this project. First, I acknowledge those teachers who, over the years, have been my role models, mentors, and inspiration: Dulcie Roach from Hopewell Primary School, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica; Elaine Bortner and Philip Hirai from Jamaica Wesleyan Bible College, Savanna-la-mar, Jamaica; and Roger Ringerberg, Jamaica Theological SeminaryRead MoreEntrepreneurship: Venture Capital and International Information Programs12997 Words   |  52 Pagesstarting one’s own business. Most economists believe it is more than that. To some economists, the entrepreneur is one who is willing to bear the risk of a new venture if there is a significant chance for profit. Others emphasize the entrepreneur’s role as an innovator who markets his innovation. Still other economists say that entrepreneurs develop new goods or processes that the market demands and are not currently being supplied. In the 20th century, economist Joseph Schumpeter (1883-1950) focused

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Relationship between Reducing Stress and Upbeat Music

Relationship between reducing stress and upbeat (Pop) music This study examined the relationship between reducing stress and listening to upbeat (Pop) music. It was hypothesized that listening to upbeat (Pop) music would reduce stress and elicit happiness in the 420 female participants. Method Participants Four hundred and twenty women, ages 19 to 40 participated in the experiment. Women were selected as the primary participants for this study because when it comes to emotional display, they are often said to express more â€Å"powerless emotions (sadness, fear) and happiness more than men† (Safdar, Friedlmeier, Matsumoto, Yoo, Kwantes, Kakai, Shigemasu 2009.) The experiment was designed for people with at least a junior high school education, of any income, and ethnicity. The participants were all students from Stony Brook University that learned of the study either from hearing a class announcement, received an email invitation or saw one of the many study recruitment postings on or around campus. The selected participants were all notified of a $10 gift card upon their completion of the study. Measures Upbeat (Pop) music is defined as â€Å"a bland watered-down version of rocknroll with more rhythm and harmony and an emphasis on romantic love† as well as cheerful, rhythmic, joyful, energetic, repetitive, uplifting, inspires singing, movement and dancing (n.d.) Classical music is defined as serious or conventional music followingShow MoreRelatedMusic Therapy Essay2769 Words   |  12 PagesMusic Therapy: Is It The Cure To Mental Physical Problems? Music therapy is defined as the skillful use of music and musical elements by an accredited music therapist to promote, maintain, and restore mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Music has nonverbal, creative, structural, and emotional qualities. These are used in the therapeutic relationship to facilitate contact, interaction, self-awareness, learning, self-expression, communication, and personal development  (Source: CanadianRead MoreAtmospheric Cues in Retail Stores7493 Words   |  30 Pagesdisplay features have been considered as having an immediate effect on the buying decision making process, and focus has moved from in-store product displays toward elements that excite the senses of shoppers, such as: screen videos and graphics, music, smell, lighting, flooring, etc. All of these things have a tendency to capture brand image and personality to help create a unique environment and shopping experience. Customer attitudes and perceptions relating to the complete value of the storeRead MoreSt. John s Wort Essay11098 Words   |  45 PagesIt s hard for most of us to avoid a certain amount of stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue these days. The pace of modern life, and all its excessive stimulation, takes a toll on our bodies and minds. When we can t escape from it, many of us resort to harmful addictions or medications to help us through. In the last couple of decades, though, certain natural (plant-derived) substances have begun to garner reputations for helping to give people an overall feeling of well being. St John s WortRead MoreHolistic Approach14986 Words   |  60 PagesHolistic approach: Meaning: Holistic approach to patient care incorporates the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health of the individual. It explores the connection between mind, body, spirit and environment. Holistic healing includes a wide range of therapies with inherently complex philosophies about the prevention and treatment of illness. Questions still exist as to the safety of complementary and alternative medicine (otherwise known as CAM), which are an integral part of holisticRead MoreDieting Makes People Fat Essay19490 Words   |  78 Pages WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DOLL? For me, my favorite doll is stitch. Stitch,aka experiment 626, is one mischievous alien!. Thankfully, he has Lilo around to calm him down. Maybe someday hell know the different between good or bad.I really love him  . Lilo amp; Stitch is a 2002 American animated science fiction/family film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released on June 21, 2002.   Kullasatree 010 3EN   WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DRINK? I love to drink strawberry yogurt smoothie about 2-3Read MoreEncouraging the Heart10264 Words   |  42 Pagesthey ever thought possible. This, indeed, may be our ultimate mission as leaders. To awaken vitality in others . . leaders have to cross a certain boundary between themselves and their associates. Sometimes its not easy, because most of us have been raised to believe that its important to maintain a buffer of safety and good sense between ourselves and the people who choose to follow our leadership. Perhaps the greatest risk we take as leaders is losing the interpersonal safety zone. If we dontRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesPolitics 411 Conflict and Negotiation 445 Foundations of Organization Structure 479 v vi BRIEF CONTENTS 4 The Organization System 16 Organizational Culture 511 17 Human Resource Policies and Practices 543 18 Organizational Change and Stress Management 577 Appendix A Research in Organizational Behavior Comprehensive Cases Indexes Glindex 637 663 616 623 Contents Preface xxii 1 1 Introduction What Is Organizational Behavior? 3 The Importance of InterpersonalRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 Pages978-0-13-612100-8 B R I E F TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S Preface xvii Introduction 1 PART I 1 2 3 PERSONAL SKILLS 44 Developing Self-Awareness 45 Managing Personal Stress 105 Solving Problems Analytically and Creatively 167 PART II 4 5 6 7 INTERPERSONAL SKILLS 232 233 Building Relationships by Communicating Supportively Gaining Power and Influence 279 Motivating Others 323 Managing Conflict 373 PART III GROUP SKILLS 438 8 Empowering and Delegating 439 9 BuildingRead MorePlenary Session69346 Words   |  278 Pagesmore likely to: a. Do it the usual way b. Do it your own way 17. Writers should: a. â€Å"Say what they mean and mean what they say† b. Express things more by use of analogy 18. Which appeals to you more: a. Consistency of thought b. Harmonious human relationships 19. Are you more comfortable in making: a. Logical judgments b. Value judgments 20. Do you want things: a. Settled and decided b. Unsettled and undecided 21. Would you say you are more: a. Serious and determined b. Easy-going 22. In phoning doRead MoreDevelopmental Psychology14082 Words   |  57 PagesInformation Processing Approach Vygotsky’s social theory focuses on how culture (values, beliefs, customs and skills of a social group) is transmitted to the next generation. According to Vygotsky, social interaction (especially co-operative dialogues between children and more knowledgeable members of society) is necessary for children to acquire the ways of thinking and behaving that make up a community’s culture. Information processing views the mind as a complex symbol manipulation system, much like

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Derived Classes and Base Classes Free Essays

Derived Classes and Base Classes Mario Padilla IT/218 September 2, 2011 University of Phoenix/Axia College Derived Classes and Base Classes Considering that the ostrich is a flightless bird, it is reasonable to derive a class CHawk from CBird, but not a COstrich. This is mainly because the function fly () sets an altitude of 100 and, as everyone knows, the ostrich cannot fly. If we had to derive COstrich from CBird probably need to provide a function fly () to return 0, and this could break existing code, which sets the altitude to 100. We will write a custom essay sample on Derived Classes and Base Classes or any similar topic only for you Order Now This could be a derivation of a class avian; class CAvian { protected: int wingSpan; nt eggSize; }; class CFlyingBird : public CAvian { protected: int airSpeed; int altitude; public: virtual void fly() { altitude = 100; } }; class CFlightlessBird : public CAvian { // Arguments involving flightless birds }; class CHawk: public CFlyingBird { }; class COstrich : public CFlightlessBird { }; One of the main properties of the classes is inheritance. This property allows us to create new classes from existing classes, retaining the properties of the original class and adding new ones. Each new class obtained through inheritance is known as derived class, and classes from which it derives are called base classes. In addition, each derived class can be used as a base class for a new derived class. And each derived class can be one or more base classes. In the latter case are referred to bypass manifold. This allows us to create a class hierarchy as complex as necessary. Well, but what are the advantages derived classes? Actually, that’s the principle of object oriented programming. This property allows us to encapsulate different parts of any real or imaginary object, and links to objects made of the same basic type, will inherit all its features. How to cite Derived Classes and Base Classes, Papers

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Genetically Modified Organism free essay sample

A genetically modified organism (GMO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using techniques in genetics generally known as recombinant DNA technology. Viruses, bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals are all examples of organisms that have been engineered so that they contain genes from at least on unrelated organism. To create a genetically modified organism a molecule from a different source are combined into another molecule to create a new set of genes. One example of a genetically modified organism is the monkey named ANDi created in 2000. He carries the gene for a green fluorescent protein derived from Jellyfish called the GFP gene. What are three current uses of these organisms? Genetically modified organisms are mostly known for uses in agriculture and crops but are also used for pharmaceutical uses, and in biological and medical research. GMO’s are used in crops such as corn because they have been modified in a way that they have somewhat become pest resistant and herbicide tolerant. We will write a custom essay sample on Genetically Modified Organism or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In making our crops pest resistant there are less crop losses and it also helps in elimination of having to apply chemical pesticides. Crops that contain GMO’s can also be engineered to be resistant to certain herbicides with helps in preventing environmental damage by reducing the amount of herbicides needed. As far as GMO’s in pharmaceuticals and medical research, we are now able to clone the genes necessary to create insulin whereas we used to have to harvest it from the pancreas of killed animals. They are also in the process of developing edible vaccines in tomatoes and potatoes to make medicines and vaccines easier to ship, store, administer, and to make them cost less. Scientists have also created a GMO (lactase) that is added to dairy products so consumers that are lactose intolerant can still enjoy those items. What types of genetic modifications could we support and why? Genetic modifications that could be supported are in agriculture and medicine. If GMO’s in agriculture became better supported, famers would be able to create more crops that are better pest resistant. Creating more pest resistant crops would help ensure that consumers don’t consume pesticides and that run-off of agricultural wastes from excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers don’t poison water supply or cause harm to the environment. Some crops could also be modified so they are resistant to certain herbicides. This will help prevent environmental damage by reducing the amount of herbicides needed. There is also research that genetically modifying seedlings with an antifreeze gene from cold-water fish will make the seedlings more tolerant to cold temperatures. Nutrition has become a large concern in today’s world, especially third world companies. Supporting genetic modifications of certain seeds and plants can help Malnutrition. Farmers won’t have to rely on only one crop to feed a village or family and with medical advances they are working on finding a way to make beans and rice engineered to contain addition vitamins and minerals to alleviate nutrient deficiencies. With research and GMO’s in medicine we have been able to make discoveries that can help illnesses that people are diagnosed with everyday such as diabetes (creating insulin) and lactose intolerant (created lactase enzyme). Making these advances helps alleviate medical issues and can help scientists in getting closer to finding cures for larger diseases and medical issues such as cancer and AIDS. In sum, GMO has made it possible for researchers and scientists to find ways to make foods such as turnips to produce an antiviral agent, for tobacco to create antibodies that help fight against human disease, to make crops more productive and environmentally friendly, and ways to create enzymes and medicines to help cure people. What types could be reduced or eliminated and why? There is big controversy and criticism against GMO’s and if they should be allowed. One of the big ones is should cloning of animals and humans be allowed? Cloning of animals/humans means one will become genetically altered. As mentioned above the monkey ANDi is a GMO that contains a gene from a jellyfish. Although scientists have done this there is much more research that needs to be done on the benefits and safety of cloning. Much of what is done is trial and error. When it comes to someone or something’s life the subject shouldn’t be taken so lightly. There is also the controversy on should we eat genetically modified animals that were cloned for our consumption. Until there is more research and evidence that shows the safety of eating a cloned animal or drinking cloned cows milk, it is best to stay away. Who knows if the hormones given to the cows will pass through and affect humans!

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How Law and Ethics Intertwine free essay sample

Law you can look into law and by different people the definition is voiced differently put law into a form it is rules made up were accidents and catastrophes of all kids are happening is where the rules come from that which everyone must obeyed and followed by citizens, subject to sanctions or legal consequences; the body of rules of actions or conduct prescribed by the controlling government and having binding legal force. Ethics the set of moral principles of values the conduct of an individual or a group. Ethics as for as everyday value in someone their life styles their careers the way you were raised. You conduct yourself in public with good moral ethics. And here are your ethics lows shall we call it. There are support to be your ethics for living and the rules of laws you obey then the ethics and law for business. The rule of law and the rule of ethics and the business ethics and laws sometimes demand the same response by a person or a group confronted with a problem or problems. We will write a custom essay sample on How Law and Ethics Intertwine or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Your business ethics re ones that intertwine with the law more so than any. Your business or some of the people let the power become grid and they use bad judgment about things and do things that are not ethical and break the law. Like with the pyramid schemes there were so many ethics rules and laws broken. Like the trust people put in the investor with their money and their family and friends that loses their lifesaving to them. When the investor and their parties are caught they are charged with ethics and laws that was broking. And if found guilty there is the chance of prison time the money they have to pay back the loss of their family. With the business ethics every business organized in the United States and businesses that come in the United states and our business that go to others countries have to go by and follow their ethics and laws of their lands. In addition business persons owe to act ethically in all their conducts in their affairs along with their business affairs. They owe society a social responsibility not to harm our society are the environment. Much of the law is based on ethical standards and not all of ethical standards are enacted as law. Example: Samara Brothers Inc. sued Wal-Mart for selling knock offs. Wal-Mart bought from a retailer the Samara lines of children’s clothes from a retailer to sell in their stores after getting the Samara line of clothes Wal-Mart took pictures of the children’s clothes they were selling and sent them to JPI (with the name â€Å"Samara’s children’s† readily discernible on the labels of the clothing.) and told JPI to produce children’s clothes to look just like the ones in the pictures from the designs, colors, and patterns, of Samara’s clothing. Wal-Mart them sold this line of clothing for children in their stores, making a large amount of profit in one season of selling. Samara Brothers won their law suit and was reward a fair amount in damages. Though Wal-Mart appealed the court’s ruling to the United States Supreme Courts the highest courts in the United States. Wal-Mart was wrong for the fraud that they did to Samara’s in the business ethics and the ethics of law.

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Prostitution Statistics and Rape

Prostitution Statistics and Rape For women who are prostitutes, rape is every bit as traumatic as it is for women who are not sex workers. It may even be more painful, as the act reopens old wounds and buried memories of unbearable abuse. In fact, prostitutes demonstrate many of the same characteristics as soldiers returning from the battlefield. In the 1990s, researchers Melissa Farley and Howard Barkan conducted a study on prostitution, violence against women and post-traumatic stress disorder, interviewing 130 San Francisco prostitutes. Their findings indicate assault and rape are all too commonplace: Eighty-two percent of these respondents reported having been physically assaulted since entering prostitution. Of those who had been physically assaulted, 55% had been assaulted by customers. Eighty-eight percent had been physically threatened while in prostitution, and 83% had been physically threatened with a weapon....Sixty-eight percent...reported having been raped since entering prostitution. Forty-eight percent had been raped more than five times. Forty-six percent of those who reported rapes stated that they had been raped by customers. Painful Past As the researchers note, other studies have proven again and again that most women who work as prostitutes have been physically or sexually abused as children. Farley and Barkan’s findings not only confirm this fact but also highlight that for some, abuse begins so early that the child is not able to comprehend what is happening to her: Fifty-seven percent reported a history of childhood sexual abuse, by an average of 3 perpetrators. Forty-nine percent of those who responded reported that as children, they had been hit or beaten by a caregiver until they had bruises or were injured in some way...Many seemed profoundly uncertain as to just what abuse is. When asked why she answered no to the question regarding childhood sexual abuse, one woman whose history was known to one of the interviewers said: Because there was no force, and, besides, I didnt even know what it was then - I didnt know it was sex. Unfair Game Writing in the Criminal Practice Law Report, Dr. Phyllis Chesler, Emerita Professor of Psychology and Womens Studies at City University of New York, describes the violence that permeates the life of a prostitute and why it’s rare for her to report a rape: Prostituted women have long been considered fair game for sexual harassment, rape, gang-rape, kinky sex, robbery, and beatings....A 1991 study by the Council for Prostitution Alternatives, in Portland, Oregon, documented that 78 percent of 55 prostituted women reported being raped an average of 16 times annually by their pimps and 33 times a year by johns. Twelve rape complaints were made in the criminal justice system and neither pimps nor johns were ever convicted. These prostitutes also reported being horribly beaten by their pimps an average of 58 times a year. The frequency of johns ranged from I to 400 times a year. Legal action was pursued in 13 cases, resulting in 2 convictions for aggravated assault. The 1990 Florida Supreme Court Gender Bias Report states that prostitution is not a victimless crime... Prostitute rape is rarely reported, investigated, prosecuted or taken seriously. Serial Killer...or Self Defense? Chesler cites these statistics as she reviews the 1992 trial of Aileen Wuornos, a woman who the media dubbed the first female serial killer. A prostitute accused of killing five men in Florida, Wuornos crimes - as Chesler argues - were mitigated by her past history and the situation surrounding her first murder, committed in self-defense. Wuornos, a seriously abused child and a serially raped and beaten teenage and adult prostitute, has been under attack all her life, probably more than any soldier in any real war. In my opinion, Wuornoss testimony in the first trial was both moving and credible as she described being verbally threatened, tied up, and then brutally Richard Mallory. According to Wuornos, she agreed to have sex for money with Mallory on the night of November 30, 1989. Mallory, who was intoxicated and stoned, suddenly turned vicious. What Lies Beneath Chesler states that the jury was denied an important tool in understanding the mindset of Aileen Wuornos - the testimony of expert witnesses. Among those who had agreed to testify on her behalf was a psychologist, a psychiatrist, experts in prostitution and violence against prostitutes, experts in child abuse, battery, and rape trauma syndrome. Chesler indicates their testimony was necessary educate the jury about the routine and horrendous sexual, physical, and psychological violence against prostituted women...the long-term consequences of extreme trauma, and a womans right to self-defense. Given how often prostituted women are raped, gang raped, beaten, robbed, tortured, and killed, Wuornoss claim that she killed Richard Mallory in self-defense is at least plausible. History of Violence As is often the case with rape and assault, the perpetrator never commits the crime just once. Wuornoss rapist had a history of sexual violence against women; Richard Mallory had been incarcerated in Maryland for many years as a sex offender. Yet, as Chesler explains: ...the jury never got to hear any evidence about Mallorys history of violence toward prostitutes, or about violence toward prostitutes in general, which might have helped them evaluate Wuornoss much-derided claim of self-defense. Final Sentence As Chesler notes, the jury of five men and seven women deliberating Wuornos fate took only 91 minutes to find her guilty and 108 minutes to recommend she be given the death penalty for the murder of ex-convict Richard Mallory. Aileen Carol Wuornos was executed by lethal injection on October 9, 2002. Sources Chesler, Phyllis. Sexual Violence Against Women and a Womans Right to Self-Defense: The Case of Aileen Carol Wuornos. Criminal Practice Law Report, vol. 1 No.9, Oct 1993.Farley, Melissa, Ph.D. and Barkan, Howard, DrPH Prostitution, Violence Against Women, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Women Health, vol. 27, no. 3, pp. 37-49. The Haworth Press, Inc. 1998.

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Punishment as the Main Deterrent for Wrongdoing Assignment

Punishment as the Main Deterrent for Wrongdoing - Assignment Example I would therefore rather take Kant’s wider viewpoint, that a sense of right and wrong is derived from individual experience, which may or may not include punishment and/or the religious ideal.  I would therefore rather take Kant’s wider viewpoint, that a sense of right and wrong is derived from individual experience, which may or may not include punishment and/or the religious ideal.  3. I would not say the needs of either society or the individual outweigh the other, particularly in the current paradigm of human rights and the individual’s right to happiness and freedom.   Society should never be allowed to suppress the needs of the individual because this is in direct contradiction to the human rights paradigm favored by the democratic world today.   Although Jeremy Bentham’s philosophy of justifying decisions by the number of people benefiting from it makes scientific sense, I would rather agree with John Stuart Mill’s caution that majori ty rule could deprive many citizens of important rights.   Slavery appears to be a case in point.4. From the humanistic and altruistic point of view, economic resources should be owned and controlled by communities.   In this way, the resources can be shared among all those sharing a community, without factors such as greed ruling the economy.   On the other hand, Adam Smith believed that self-interest is an ideal economic principle that all should be free to pursue.   According to him, self-interest translates to overall economic well-being, as all business people were interested in delivering quality services and goods in return for fair remuneration.   Smith’s system of built-in checks and balances were to prevent an imbalance of wealth creation for only a few companies.   However, history has taught that this system is not strong enough to prevent extreme greed and monopoly that marks today’s economy.   The gap between the extremely rich and the extre mely poor is widening on a global scale, with a disproportionate amount of humanity using all the earth’s resources.   This sector of society deprives not only today’s poor of their right to life but also the generations to come.   From this point of view, I believe a sharing economy is better than one in which a monopoly is the main paradigm.